James W. Sutherland, Artist

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My inspiration is the Magic that fills my world.

I see signs, symbols and meaning in the simplest of events.

A lonely crow feather found on the path may mean that I’m moving in the right direction at this moment, and in life.


Several years ago I received a message from my paternal Grandfather from beyond the grave.

My career was born as well as the medium in which I work.


Recently, his wife, my Grandmother sent me owls as I was walking through the Arboretum. She collected them for as long as I can remember.


The dark of night is the Owl’s friend, as they can see what others cannot see. This is the essence of true wisdom. Thus Owl offers illumination that supports transition. My Grandmother’s Spirit encourages me to pursue my art fulltime. Hence this exhibit.


My Art remains my Soul at play!

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