James W. Sutherland, Artist

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On The Right Path - September 2008

I continue to draw inspiration for my artwork from daily walks through my neighborhood and Interlaken Park.  
I was thrilled to be able to give back to the Green Spaces celebrated in my art,
by donating 25% of sales from this exhibit to Green Seattle Partnership’s Forest Restoration efforts at Interlaken Park.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make my "On the Right Path" exhibit,  a success.
With your support I was able to raise $1500 for
Green Seattle Partnership, designated for use in Interlaken Park !


Jartaluup - 24"x48" - l 


 Pahszo - l 

Donated to
Rainbow City Band       

 Vartos - l      Tazallo - l   Soerku l    
 Larega - l Vorost - l Keertop - l

 Donated to


(above pieces are: 5"x8" - $200 each)


Erdifaan - 12"x48" - l
Furoon - 12"x48" - l
Selvosso - 12"x48" - l

Olozuup - 24"x24" - l


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